Here, the most beautiful I’ve done, I have others but they’re older and aren’t that nice :P You can use them as you wallpaper of course

(Don’t worry about the size, for using click on them, then click on view image and you’ll be able to use it ^^ )

Here one about Galen Hooks, a famous dancer ^^

One about Miku hatsune. I love wallpapers with cities :P In this one I especially like the message. ( 8/08/2011)

 Photograph edition ^^ (25/08/2011)


 Autumn’s here! I love Fall ♥ haha,a new style, it looks weird but… it fits amazingly well! (2/10/2011)


Halloween!! ♥ You must have your screen background prepared for halloween! (29/10/2011)

Blade & Soul, I want this game to be playable soon!!(9/12/2011)

You can add them favourites in Deviantart -> http://neywa.deviantart.com/

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