Joaking’s Signature

His signature, I don’t like it at all I don’t know if it’s because of the background or the render or whatever :P



DjZed’s Signature

A signature I had to do time ago for DjZed, I hope he likes it ^^ I didn’t do a signature for a long time :P


Photomanipulation – Akali · Shh…this will hurt… [League of Legends]

I really really loved doing this photomanipulation hahahah, I usually don’t like creepy photomanipulations but this one was quite funny and special to do. The character on it is from the game League of Legends (Akali). The character has a skin, Nurse Akali, and well I was wanting to do something about LoL and then send it and this was the perfect chance! I found an amazing picture of the character which was going to fit really well with the atmosphere I wanted to create! I hope you like it :P




Photomanipulation – Your words are my jail

Tadahh!! A photomanipulation based in… me.. more or less :P I like the result achieved haha. I hope you like it.




NatsuDragons’ Signature

yayy, another person from the forum who asked for a signature :P This one doesn’t have c4d, only clipping mask and some effects ^^



Anghios’ Signature

So a signature haha this morning I really wanted to spent a little time on photoshop and sighh the signatures I do for others are better than my signature T.T ahahahaha I especially love this one º(*-*)º



Vintage cornfield wallpaper.

A wallpaper based  on a photo. I have touched up the lighting and many other things ^^

As always you can use it ^^


Suker Punch robot signature

A signature I wanted to do after I watched Sucker Punch :P At first I wante to do it about BabyDoll, but then I saw an image with Amber’s robot and I decided to make it with this render. But I don’t like it at all ¬¬