Anime signature for Anzert

Again a signature for Anzert ^^ He liked the one I did for Elmest so he requested one :P



Hunger Games photomanipulation

A photomanipulation I’ve done , few I didn’t touch photoshop for ages! I saw the trailer of that movie, with the music and other thingss haha I thought about this and I like a lot how it looks ^^ I’ll definitelly do more pictures like this with the same style and subject matter. I hope you like it!





A”photomanipulation” I started a few weeks ago, it was very abstract since I worked on it today :P hahaha I like it, i don’t know is something new that I’ve worked a lot, clipping mask can be very difficult ! I hope you like it, it’s like a poster :P



Blade & Soul Wallpaper

Well I was taking a look again at the Blade & Soul videos and I felt doing one haha ^^ I really wanted to do a bigger creation and this was the result, I hope you like it and you all know as always you can use it :P


Jessica Signature SNSD

Well at laaaaaaaaaast!! I have photoshop again and I really wanted to do something new! :P And it turned really really new, with a lot of colour and a different tophic, this signature is quite different! I hope you like it ^^ :P



A new signature for me :P

I just needed a signature and it looks pretty but not too complicated ^^ I hope you like it :P



Halloween wallpaper


Yayyy HALLOWEEN Happy halloween to everyone!, be prepared for the death’s night with the correct wallpaper!

(98% of users of this wallpaper assure that thank to its use they recieve less visits from vampires, dead people,etc.)