Updating signatures!

The signatures I made in summer because now I’m kinda busy to mess with this *-* I will post the Speed Art videos of some of them soon. I hope you like them ^^


New Signatures!

I haven’t post anything here for a long time but it was because I wasn’t here in Spain, but I had time to do a lot of things!! I hope you like it ^^   V1 V2  


Signatures of the last months

Yeah! I haven’t been posting here for a while. Between tests and travels I haven’t had time but I’ve done some signatures ^^ I hope you like them!  


Art is Magic Signature.

Una firma más basada en el retoque A signature more based in photomanipulation


Two new signatures ^^

Well, two new signatures I have done during holidays plus some wallpapers This one for the winner of our Best Signature Weekly Contest: And this one for me

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