Angels do not exist

“Because who pretends to be a hero

isn’t more than an insane person

 who doesn’t pretend it but believes it

isn’t more than a lunatic.

Like a human

under the rain he gets wet,

without a home and food,

without courage and sorrow,

without fear and conscience.

With or without importance

with luxury or poverty

same is the death

whoever you are.

To feel the rain on the face

the cold damp on our feet,

the impotence of being so small

and insignificant at the same time.

The horror of looking in the eye

of our blurred reflection,

not having words

to describe our hell.

Like a human

under the rain he gets wet

no matter his lineage or procedence;

his anthems or lyrics

same is the death

whoever you are.

I hope you like it ^^

Stocks used


Sky stocks

Ruins stocks


The Avengers poster

I recently watched The Avengers movie and I remembered how much I love MARVEL and superheros. I hope you like it, I’m also thinking about making a tutorial on how to create that “drawing” looking on real images.



New videos and speed art

Winter Princess signature speed art.

Japan Lights signature speed art.

Lakers signature speed art.

Sivir (League of Legends) Wallpaper speed art.

Spring Signature speed art.

Anime Signature speed art.

Sing it Signature speed art.


New Wallpapers Compilation

Of course you can use them all ^^

I made this wallpaper version of the slide imagen for my mother.

This one inspired by a dream but I don’t really like the way it turned.